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The original Power Beam [IA series) was designed and manufactured by Ascolectric in Brantford, Ontario, Canada in 1986. Ascolectric acquired U.S. and Canadian trademarks for the Power Beam name and proceeded to market the product until December 2000. The Power Beam name, design, trademarks, manufacturing equipment and inventory was purchased by Lawrie Smith Mechanics Inc. February 2001.

Lawrie Smith Mechanics Inc. registered the company as "Power Beam" and proceeded to relocate manufacturing and administration to Elora, Ontario, Canada. Since that time, Power Beam has improved the original design, streamlined production, reduced lead times, created a new motor driven Power Beam (IM series) and added other linear products to provide a variety of solutions to customers. Going forward, Power Beam is building a reputation as a supplier of providing rugged, long-lasting product solutions.

Power Beam Linear Actuator also known as: powerbeam, Asco power beam, Ascolectric power beam, Asco powerbeam, Ascolectric powerbeam


The following describes the design evolution from the original Power Beam pneumatic model to the current models:

November 1986 Ascolectric designs and trademarks original IA series Power Beam linear actuator in a pneumatic version and low-pressure hydraulic version. Ascolectric introduces and markets the original "Power Beam" linear actuator. This totally enclosed, internally load supported linear actuator is adopted in hundreds of applications worldwide.

February 1995 Ascolectric introduces "B" series featuring lower carriage height, non-lube piston design, and standard polyester dust belt.

February 2001 Lawrie Smith Mechanics (LSM Inc.) purchases from Ascolectric the Power Beam name, design, trademarks, manufacturing equipment and inventory. LSM Inc. registered the company as "Power Beam" and successfully re-locates manufacturing and administration to Elora, Ontario, Canada.

April 2001 Power Beam refines production, reducing lead times and improving customer service.

September 2002 Power Beam introduces "C" and "D" series featuring linear guidance system, incorporating modern "THK" style linear bearings, standard external grease access and standard purge port. This reduces lead times, improves product longevity and eases repair and maintenance. 

October 2003 Power Beam expands product line to include linear guides, ball screws and rodless cylinder repairs.

March 2004 Power Beam introduces new "IM" version featuring the same rugged load supporting features of the original Power Beam, plus the choice of toothed-belt or ball screw drive force. 

July 2004 Power Beam introduces new "IMC" version of rugged motor driven actuator with compact external dimensions.

November 2004 Power Beam introduces "double seal" option on pneumatic actuator to increase longevity in harsh environments.

December 2004 Power Beam introduces "IM800 Integral" version of rugged ball screws driven actuator with integral, self-contained servomotor.

Ongoing Building upon the solid original design of the Power Beam, the best linear actuator will continue to get better.



Power Beam actuators have been successfully installed in many challenging applications.

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